Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek: Platinum Member

If you're a girl of average Asian size and you're in Bangkok to shop unabashedly for yourself, there is only one place to absolutely must go, and that is Platinum Fashion Mall. FashionGeek and I went there twice. In a 48-hour trip. What can I say? It was near the Four Seasons Bangkok.

Platinum Mall's merits can be summed up in pretty much one line, although predictably I'll wax lyrical about it for more paragraphs than you can bear to read. There are 2,000 shops that sell wholesale goods (minimum order is usually two items in a store, and they don't have to be the same style), and nothing -- NOTHING -- costs over 500 baht, which is like HK$125.

Of course there are some catches -- the excess, the lack of foreign language skills, the fact that sometimes you really don't want two things from one place, the quality and sadly, the sizing. Thai girls are tiny... hell, Thai ladyboys are tiny. I am not. So adjustable-elastic items are my friend; the shorts with waists the size of my thigh are scourge of my life. But obviously, that wasn't a real concern, if you scroll and see how much I fell under the Platinum spell. And although I know it's considered crass to disclose just how much you spend on things, I feel it is my obligation to you readers to show you just how very economical the experience is. And PS, this isn't all of it, just the stuff I wore last week. Let's put it this way. I arrived with a deflated trolley and left with like six carry-ons and the suitcase equivalent of a fat woman. Who's pregnant. With triplets. Who are also fat.

Prices at bottom.

Goldfish ring Bt60; leopard button-down Bt299; wannabe Ray-Bans Bt49; jade ruffled top with lace back Bt150; yellow lace skirt Bt100; headbands Bt100-200; snake cuff Bt100; dictionary necklace Bt200; rings Bt60-150; mesh and nude dress Bt450. Um, shoes are Steve Madden, but too big for me, anyone want to buy them? Size 39, worn once. Eventually they'll go into ShopGeek... when I get around to doing that.

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