Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek: Brunch Club

As ShoeGeek and I divvied up the posts this week, I marked this one as the Four Seasons Gluttony post and it’s pretty darn apt. We were so stuffed that on more than one occasion, we approached the wrong table, and yes we prefer to think of it as being a self induced food coma as opposed to being inebriated from free flow alcohol which included all sorts of bellinis (I was told that the pineapple bellini will forever be known as the Virginia so if you are ever there, help me check if Nicola made good on her promise and ask for one) and tom yum bloody marys.

This Sunday brunch at aqua in the courtyard of the Four Seasons has pretty much everything under the sun including a fish roe station and a foie gras station (!) boasting of pan-seared foie gras, foie gras sausage, terrine in port wine jelly and foie gras custard. Sidenote, the latter tasted incredibly good with freshly made naan. If that doesn’t float your boat, choose from a wide variety of cuisines from Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian to a grill with tons of meat and seafood and an orgasmic board of cheeses. Oh and don’t forget the freshly made crepes suzette as well as the dessert table.

While you look on with envy, be sure to scroll to the very end where we leave you with a kid feeding the carp behind a fish roe sign leading to an interesting discussion on whether or not there are Four Seasons workers waking up early in the morning to squish the fish for roe before brunch.

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