Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Double Up

It’s amazing how often I hear complaints about the lack of stylish laptop bags in Hong Kong and I often wonder if it’s because people are of the perception that laptop bags are only available at the Wanchai computer mall. Or maybe it’s that people think that laptop bags shouldn’t be expensive and are looking for cheap finds. If that’s not the case for you, check out Piquadro’s latest bags, the Hi-Cone line and the Sun. An Italian brand, Piquadro, succeeds in creating laptop bags that are cool as laptop bags and as well, normal bags. The bags don’t come cheap, retailing at over HK$3000 a pop but then again, if it can double as a normal bag, then you’re technically getting two bags for the price you’re paying right?

Stores can be found in Harbour City, I Square, Peninsula Hotel, Times Square, Sogo and Elements amongst other malls.

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