Friday, June 17, 2011

Bangkok Fashion Geek- Talat Rot Fai Train Market

When we heard that Nicola bought buckets and old trophies at the train market, we immediately added Talat Rot Fai to our itinerary. It also provided us an excuse to tell our respective housemates why we wanted to bring a large suitcase to Bangkok for a 48 hour trip. I can unabashedly say that ShoeGeek and I both fell in love with the train market. It’s an awesome place for antiques and you can easily find vintage cameras (which I never knew I needed and now I’m scouring eBay for them since I heavily regretted not buying it while there), awesome old furniture, vintage posters, toys from the 70s and 80s, lots of used car parts, a mannequin with a shrimp stuck on its mouth and of course, trophies and buckets. Besides checking out the ‘shops’ along the side, make sure to wander the aisles where goods are peddled out of old vans.

The train market sits on land owned by the State Railway of Thailand and apparently there should be an old train that sits along the tracks where people can hop on and drink beer and enjoy street food but mysteriously the train had disappeared when we arrived. So instead, we wandered about, lusted after furniture that we couldn’t ship home and headed back to the entrance where Rod’s is located. Rod’s is an awesome furniture shop that also offers food and a live band.

To get to the Talat Rot Fai, take the MRT to Kampaeng Phet Station. Get out at exit 3 (Or Tor Gor Market) then cross the road and walk about 450 meters west on Kampaeng Phet Road, away from Chatujak Market.

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