Friday, May 15, 2009

Mandarin Thai

Another option for those in Central who can't get a booking at The Box for Thai buffet: Mandarin Oriental, following their Clipper Lounge Indian buffet, is bringing Thai chefs to town early next month, from June 1-10, to do a Thai-food extravaganza. Three chefs from the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok's Sala Rim Naam will be contributing, and both lunch and dinner buffets are available. Pricing is fairly reasonable, at $298 M-Th or $318 on Friday and weekends.

On the menu:


Deep-fried spicy lemonade shrimp flavored with flaked kaffir lime leaves
Deep-fried minced fish and crab meat patties served with cucumber chilli sauce
Grilled chicken marinated with turmeric and coconut milk
Spicy mango salad with crab meat and fresh mango dressing
Spicy seafood salad with aromatic Thai herbs
Spicy grilled pork salad with ground roasted rice and mint leaves

* * *



* * *

Main courses

Green chicken curry with eggplants
Southern Thailand style mussamun curry with beef
Fried pork tossed with yellow curry paste, kaffir lime leaves and white turmeric
Roasted duck with pineapple and tamarind sauce
Stir-fried prawns with cashew nut and vegetables
Fried fish with fresh chilli sauce and kaffir lime leaves
Steamed Hom Mali rice

* * *

Live cooking station:
Stir-fried Thai style noodle with shrimps

* * *


Caramelized banana with coconut cream
Steamed pumpkin custard
Sweetened coconut agar-agar topped with fruit compote
Sticky rice with mango
Water chestnut rubies in chilled coconut syrup
Sticky rice flour dumpling in warm coconut milk

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