Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Passed through the Mandarin Oriental cake shop the other day and was once again amazed by the realism their confectionary creations approach. Honestly, it's difficult to tell goods from the goodies. It's beyond too good to eat. Luckily, they have so many other little delights that it's easy to pick something that didn't look like it took painstaking labour to create, like these chocolate lips. 

Yum. I believe that the big brand cakes are created for v. special occasions alone but if you want a less refined (but JUST as delicious, I personally vouch for the cupcakes) version, try Complete Deelite in Central. You know how for some reason, random animal characters are really cute when they're dressed up as other animals? (You know, like when Winnie the Pooh is wearing a panda suit or something.) Well, for some reason, a cake dressed up as a char siu daan faan (roast pork rice with egg) is absolutely PRECIOUS! It was, also, coincidentally, what I had for dinner last night.

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