Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No squawk with these Parrots

There’s something about a really sexy pair of speakers that just make me drool. I guess this is the geek aspect of me showing. I’m a big music junkie. Just ask those 100gbs (and growing) of mp3s sitting on my desktop. Of course, speakers aren’t the only thing that makes the music, (my most basic requirement is that it be encoded at at least192kbps. Loseless is most ideal) but they are a pretty fundamental aspect. When Zikmu,The Parrot by Starck, press release drifted into my mailbox, I felt that little ping. It’s pretty (I’m a girl after all), it’s functional with 360° immersive sound, it’s got Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities to stream music from the computer or phone and also compatible with all Apple products. Hello Zikmu, my name is FashionGeek and would you like to come home with me?

The Parrot by Starck wireless speakers is now available in Lane Crawford stores, audio & visual and lifestyle stores for HK$ 13,800.

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