Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FashionGeek’s tips for warehouse sales

This post was requested by twitter’s @adalinelau last night and I instantly went “Duh! Why didn’t I think of it?” So here goes: FashionGeek’s tips for warehouse sales

  1. Never go during lunchtime (1pm to 2pm). It’s bound to be crowded and do you seriously want to squeeze your way through the throbbing crowd of OLs in order to see if there’s anything worthwhile? It’s getting really humid these days so you’re just as likely to end face first into someone’s smelly armpit. Can we say eww? Instead why don’t you take an early lunch? Say 11am. There will still be a crowd, hello tai tais who don’t have to work. But at least, you avoid the OLs.
  2. Know your size for that particular brand before going to the sale. We’re talking shoe size, top size, dress size and trousers size. It will save you a lot of time.
  3. Always head to the sample rack and those under $XXX racks. You’re at a warehouse sale for a reason. It’s to get cheap stuff. Go through the cheapest first to see if you can pick up any gems. Someone else’s trash just may be your treasure.
  4. Check out accessories and bags after the sample rack, these are not size sensitive and take a lot less time to go through. (especially if you are sneaking out of the office to go to these sales) Shoes are the next easiest things to try on. Slip on. Slip off.
  5. Hang on to anything that you might want to purchase. Sure that might mean lugging tons of items around but that one item you put back because you weren’t sure will be snapped up the next instant and you will be kicking yourself for it.
  6. Finally take a look at ShoeGeek’s tips for everlasting love. You don’t want to have bought something just because it’s cheap and then not ever use it. (Trust me, it’s happened to all of us.) 

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1 comment:

  1. Ohh i have a few more tips!

    1.) Wear “easy” clothing. The last thing you want is fiddling with that difficult zipper on a top or trying to remember how the ties go on that dress when you have a gazillion people around you and a gazillion things to try on.

    2.) Grab first, try on later strategy. Yes, even if it means having a truckload of clothes on one arm. It’s a great bicep workout ;) And you may even have something someone may want to swap you never know!

    3.) Look under racks for fallen clothing or in changerooms (esp those communal ones)! I’ve nabbed awesome bargains that way where everyone has gone for the racks and neglected what’s on the floor.