Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Felt Up

Hong Kong summers are extreme: you can walk a block in mid-May and be drenched in sweat, swing into the mall and be frozen from air-conditioning two seconds later. Most gals throw a wrap in their summer bags so they don't get sick over dinner, but I've been looking for options to replace the ever-present pashmina. 

I'm kind of interested in the logistics of these Harlequin felt neckpieces, which help you keep warm in air-conditioned areas, but aren't so granny-influenced. They also pay homage to the statement neckwear trend. But trend-following aside, they're just kind of cool. The way the felt is draped and dyed creates this very Georgia O'Keefe-inspired look that I think would look great with simple little dresses and tanks. The reason these look so avant garde is because the maker is an artist who creates installation and performance art pieces in addition to these little gems of "wearable art". 

Harlequin separately sells some crazy printed vests that are kind of Marni-meets-Dries-meets-the bag lady around the corner. I can't decide whether or not they're fabulous or just hype. 

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the post!

    The vests were my first forays into garment-making and are admittedly underwhelming. Every great journey starts with the first slow steps ;-)

    I hope you'll check back in to see our more recent efforts!!



    All my best, Jenne