Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scrub that fat girl away

Sometimes it really is all in the name. I’m very tempted to buy this scrub simply coz Bliss has named it Fat Girl Scrub. It’s Bliss’ latest addition to the Fat Girl family, Fat Girl Slim and Fat Girl Sleep are both available at www.yesstyle.com by the way (again with reasonable prices). It’s pitched as a skin-smoothing, circulation-stimulating body exfoliator for less-than-perfect parts. I don’t know how effective it is but if I am using a body scrub on a regular basis, it might just make me feel that much better if I think that I’m going to lose some blub by doing something I do every day. The fact sheet even comes with some tips on how to “scrub my way to slim” (the sub editor in me is wondering what that phrase means. Shouldn’t they have said scrub my way to a slimmer body?) Anyway, the pitch is that this scrub contains red algae that reduce the appearance of water retention. I wouldn’t expect miracles ladies but at least mentally, we’ll all feel a bit better about getting more bang for the scrub.

Fat Girl Scrub HK$360/ 8 oz.

bliss is available exclusively at:
Lane Crawford, Times Square 3421 1966
Lane Crawford, Pacific Place 2118 3966
Faces, Harbour City 3586 0246
Bliss Spa @ W Hotel (Obviously. Again, this is for consistency's sake)

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1 comment:

  1. I've heard of this range and have been very tempted to get it but it is very pricey over here unfortunately! Maybe in time I'll have the money to buy it.