Friday, May 8, 2009

Colour Block

I was doing the usual, procrastinating by shopping online instead of finishing up stories for various clients, when I came across this amazing colour block tube dress on Nasty Gal, and I found myself uncontrollably drawn to it, even though I tell myself that for a retired club kid like myself, body-con wear has limited to no use in my closet. Do not buy! But the whole Mark Rothko-meets-Kanye West-meets-Herve Leger aesthetic is still very interesting to me... look, I'll prove it to you:




I do happen to know which other dress this resembles, but since I'm trying hard not to mention HIM so much, because eeeeveryone else keeps doing it, I'm not going to make that obvious connection. 

Images courtesy Nasty Gal, MTV, and oh shoot, I forgot where I got the Rothko from, it was off google image search though =)

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