Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeanius indeed

Sometimes a well-written press release does garner you attention. Case in point; INDIGO Jeans. I’m giving INDIGO a plug simply the PRs labelled Eizelle Taino as a “Jeanius”. The press release itself is nothing remarkable, in fact it’s basically a promotion release about how you get certain discounts at INDIGO. But by the power of that one word, it is now getting a post for itself. So what special offers are there?

The jeanius suggests any of the following “recession remedies” to boost healthier bank balances when shopping at INDIGO:

1. Year-round denim recycling program: Ladies can save from $50 to $300 AND dispose of unused denim in an environmental way, on their next purchase at INDIGO with the Denim Recycling Programme. Women can drop off their dis-used jeans at INDIGO in exchange for a store credit that can be used immediately on another purchase of jeans. Labels that are already carried by INDIGO are exchanged for a HK$100 credit while brands that are not part of INDIGO’s “Jean Pool” are worth HK$50. Up to HK$300 of store credit can be redeemed against any one pair of new jeans

2. Fill out a Client Feedback Form: Clients who take 2 minutes out of their shopping time to fill out a client feedback form receive 5% off their immediate purchase. Ladies are rewarded with the discount by answering 12 simple tick-box questions about their shopping experience.

3. Bring your own shopping bag: Customers who do not require an INDIGO shopping bag or wrapping receive a 5% discount off their purchase. This thrifty consideration also offers environmental benefits, making the shopping trip doubly virtuous.

4. INDIGO Sales Shelf: Last pairs of runs no longer carried at INDIGO, last season’s jeans as well as discontinued brands can all be found on the permanent INDIGO Sales Shelf for as low as HK$500. Items change from week-to-week, often with current season lines that have flown off the shelf, also available.

The above recession remedies (items 1-3) are applicable for non-sale items only. Combinations of recession remedies are not permitted.

INDIGO is located at Ground Floor, No. 32A Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel. (852) 2147-3000, Fax. (852) 2147-3111, or e-mail

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