Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm in love with Victor Demarchelier. Considering his dad, Patrick, looks like a more rugged and less orange version of Roberto Cavalli, he sure did good with the kid. The boy dates Caroline Trentini, whom he met when he was assisting daddy on a shoot, and the two of them are featured in May's Vogue. I swear I first encountered and fell in love with him after seeing him in party coverage on, but I can't seem to find the photo anymore (this is the only one that shows up, and it's so not flattering that I'm sure that's not what made my heart go aflutter). He's far from studly, but he's got that "cute thing" -- you know, that thing that makes everyone love Michael J Fox even though he's five-foot-nothing. On another note, this photo was scrounged out of Vogue's Meet the Boyfriends photo feature, which includes Chanel, Doutzen and Julia Stegner with their respective (some very short) men friends. I wonder, is the exclusion of Lily Donaldson and Vladmir Restoin-Roitfeld a reflection on Anna's relationship with Carine? Food for thought.

Images: Fashionologie and Vogue.

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