Friday, May 8, 2009

Yo Mama

This Sunday is the one day of the year you should refrain from using Yo Mama jokes, because it's in honour of the woman who gave birth to you. If you're woefully behind on planning, and unlike my mother, yours did not go ahead and make plans for her own celebratory meal, then here's a quick rundown of a few snazzy places doing Mother's Day specials. 

H one - lunch buffet ($468) or set dinner ($688) plus a free Guerlain lipstick for tables of 4 or more. Call 852 2805 0638.

Roka - regular menu, but free dessert for mommy and a coupon for tea set @ $88 and buy-1-get-1-free dessert. Call 852 3960 5988.

Morton's of Chicago - Three-course dinner at $675 including salad, steak and dessert. Call 852 2732 2343.

Bubba Gump - regular menu, but free photo souvenir taken and presented with frame (whoop-dee-do...). Call 852 2849 2867.

Angelini's - Four-course dinner at $680 and a complimentary bellini for each guest. (If you only get it with the set dinner, then really isn't is just $680 including a bellini, instead of "each guest will receive a complimentary bellini"? Oh, the trickery involved in press releases!) Anyway, call 852 2733 8750.

Shang Palace - Set lunches for $220 or $280 and set dinners for $468 or $668, all canto specialties including the typical, fin and lobster and all sorts of seafood specials.

The Mistral - "A romantic Italian dinner for mom" reads the press release. EW, talk about playing into Oedipal urges, which is something that really shouldn't be encouraged. Antipasti and dessert buffet by candlelight, plus choice of mains for $588. ($298 for kids under 11, but really, this kinda stuff isn't really for the young 'uns. Shudder.) Call 852 2731 2870.

Jimmy's Kitchen - Four-course set at $398 a head. Comes with a festive gift pack that includes a $500 Elemis spa coupon and other skincare products/coupons, plus a polaroid photo frame. Call 852 2526 5293.

Tiffin Lounge - Crazy unlimited Moet buffet with loads of yummy dishes, though pricey at $738 a head. Buffets also at their other outlets at varying prices. Call 852 2588 1234.

Excelsior hotel - Cafe on the 1st, Excelsior's buffet spot is doing lunch buffets at $438 a head. Yee Toh Heen is doing dinner for six at $2,888. Call 852 2837 6840.

Nobu - one set dinner free for every four, in other words, mommy dines for free (which is good because you're probably paying.) Call +852 2313 2323.

If you're wondering about gifts, Intercontinental Hotel's I-Spa is doing a whole bunch of specials just for mommies of different ages and stages, titled "New Mom" or "Mommy To Be" or "Yummy Mummy" etc. Call them at 852 2721 1211.

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