Thursday, May 21, 2009

Geek Spy: Well-heeled

By now, you are probably well versed in us Geek’s affection for shoes. After all, why would we have the SHOErotica column, dedicated to shoes we love but can’t afford? Imagine my surprise when I saw a giant stiletto shoe chair in Quarry Bay earlier today. It was just chilling with a pair of jeans, a hat and a t-shirt and I immediately thought I needed to share this with you:

ShoeGeek (she’s called a ShoeGeek for a reason) then tells me that she’s seen cuter ones in the US. After a bit of digging, hey presto, FashionGeek brings you a website, aptly called Sexy Furnishings, where you can customise your own stiletto shoe chair AND they will ship it to Hong Kong. Enjoy!

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