Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In a Barbie world

I was never very much a Barbie girl. Sure I had the Barbie dollhouse but I rarely played with it and I can’t even remember what happened to my Barbies of which I think I only had three (which I’m told is a very small number.) Fast forward 20 years and I’m oddly intrigued by Barbie. How does she stay so loyal to Ken? How did she inspire a whole slew of designers to design for her? Is it hard juggling the hundred or so careers she’s embarked on? Did she ever experience the mid-life crisis? What diet tips does Barbie have? Is she anorexic or bulimic?

Anyway, the reason for this tangent is that Barbie Shanghai just launched the world’s first Barbie dining experience. Cue the gasps. Barbie eats? Is this kind of like the Hello Kitty cafes where it seems to be a bit of an oxymoron to have a café named for a cat that doesn’t have a mouth? According to the press release, “Shanghai-based celebrity chef-restaurateur David Laris has created several fun and sophisticated dining destinations within its six-level flagship store.” So what can we expect?

There’s going to be an all-day diner aptly named Barbie Café, a tearoom called Pink Room and a late-night hotspot B Bar. Apparently there’s also going to be a premium chocolate line under the brand “Barbie Loves Chocolate.” What do you think my dear readers? Will Barbie be a fan of signature dishes like the Fashionista Salad, of shrimp, fennel, mandarin, walnuts and mixed greens; Seared Tuna on Crispy Wontons served with red cabbage slaw; Mediterranean Lamb with Ratatouille; and Barbie, Ken and Kelly Burgers?

Barbie Shanghai is located at 550 Huaihai Middle Road. Barbie Café Reservation Hotline: +86 21 6171 6036.
For more information see: www.barbieshanghai.com

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