Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clutch Player

My beloved came home one day with a surprise gift for me some time ago, and I was expecting chocolates (if you knew me in person, you'd be expecting chocolates or some other perishable consumable too), but what I found instead was these delightful clutches ordered from local handbag designer Diaeiss. When it comes to classic clutches by Hong Kong designers, nobody does them like Kotur, but on the days that you don't have a Kotur warehouse sale, and you don't have thousands of dollars to spare on a bag the size of a hot dog (see what I mean about the consumables), check out Diaeiss. And since I saw the bags before I visited the site, I can assure you that the final products are much superior to the photos on the website (not sure why that is, when even Etsy sellers have better product photography). 

I have the baby blue crystal-encrusted clutch (but in fuschia) and it's eye-popping with an LBD (but nothing knit, or those crystals will snag the hell out of whatever you're wearing). I also have the stripey zigzaggy one in navy/gold and it's the lightest bag I've ever lifted in my life, it weighs less than a chocolate bar, no joke. (I never joke about chocolate.) The designers are Indian, so their forte is in embellishment and colour, but there's plenty of variety. Now if only they would hire someone to do their product shots.

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