Friday, May 29, 2009

Geek Spy: Duck or egg first?

I think I first encountered this lamp about a year ago at La Foret in Causeway Bay and every time I pass by it, I still have this incredible urge to purchase it. Forget the fact that I don’t need a lamp, that it doesn’t go with the décor of any of my rooms, that I really have no use for it. I still want it. It’s another one of those hedgehog doorstoppers or maneki neko cat watercoolers. If I think it through, this lamp is really a duck lamp with an egg as a lampshade (I believe if you take away the egg shell, you get a duck with a glowing head). So what’s the appeal? I don’t know but maybe some of you can agree with me so I don’t feel like such a loser Geek.

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