Friday, July 22, 2011

Yay for Vionnet

We know Vionnet clothing for its impeccable drape and perfectly haphazard use of detail, and now you're about to find out more about its accessories, too. I didn't even know the brand had an accessories line until last week, when super-stylin' Susan, (supermom to Superwowomg Denise, mmmmfood-ie Eugene and i'm-too-lazy-to-ohhmyblog Sha) invited me and Mizz Shopaholic Michelle to a Vionnet event at Joyce Boutique. While munching on mini meringue tarts and steak-and-camembert open-face finger sandwiches, we chatted with Joyce PR queen and Ning, who had the most awesome hollow square cuff from Vionnet. A week later, I was so excited to get a matching crescent-shaped version as a gift from her. Thanks, Ning! I couldn't resist giving it a mini photo shoot...

Later on, I realized that Vionnet has a whole host of amazing accessories -- chunky but refined, and sculpturally, geometrically so well thought out and proportioned. Here's to hoping this little bit of genius continues...

Shop Joyce's relatively new e-boutique here, although the selection of brands thus far is pretty limited for now, and check out Vionnet in stores.

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