Monday, July 25, 2011


On the hottest day of 2011, we decided to put together a shoot of "fashion people" along with visiting Aussie photographer Ben Riches. We're so smart. Taking part in our friendly little extravaganza was our old pal Superwowomg Denise, How I Met Your Style photographer Carmen, luxury fashion PR girl Sha, tot clothing-line founder Bertha and PP4E handbag designer Piecco, as well as some new friends (but old faces on the blog scene -- and by old I mean established, not elderly), the freaking hot Valerie and super cool Cindy. Laura from Gizzy was nice enough to lend us her showroom to act as home base, while we plodded around Sheung Wan in the scathing heat.

We're still waiting on the final shots from Mr Riches, but in the meantime, since I lugged along the DSLR, here are the behind-the-scenes photos... basically, us fooling around in the showroom, marching up and down Hollywood Road, meeting a new corgi friend in 7-Eleven... as well as some pics of Piecco's new pieces and Bertha's awesome convertible garments. (NEED THAT TRENCH ON VALERIE.) At the end of the day, I headed home and of course, continued the shoot with the sexiest and most stylish gal of all, Foxy Brown.

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  1. Gorgeous bags!!! I can only imagine how hot and humid it is this time of the year and doing a shoot, ouch!

  2. shoegeek's shirt is a killer! fierce!