Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Geek Peek: Sarah Ho of SHO Jewellery

I first encountered SHO Jewellery back when I was an editor at the luxury mag and founder Sarah Ho was in town to visit her family. I was immediately struck by how down to earth and well… fun Sarah was considering that her family is so well known in town. (She’s the granddaughter of Stanley Ho.) Throughout the years, we’ve kept in touch and it’s been great to see her evolution as a jewellery designer. We talk to Sarah about her love for rice and items on her lust list.
HKFG: What’s on your lust list?
SH: A piece of jewellery by Jar, my favourite designer, I would love to own a fancy blue or fancy pink diamond. It’s the colour I am more interested in rather that the shape of the stone and I would love to make a spectacular piece of jewellery to show it off, a ring by Sevan Bicakci, a wonderful Turkish jewellery designer, also known as ‘the King of Rings’.

HKFG: What fashion item can’t you live without?
SH: My Chanel handbag

HKFG: Thing you could live without... but still can’t bear to part with
SH: My iphone! I just feel lost without it.

HKFG: Favourite thing about HK?
SH: My favourite things about Hong Kong are its energy and the cosmopolitan 24 hour culture. As well as being the place for food and shopping its also a place for me to see my family,

HKFG: Your secret ambition?
SH: To be recognised as an established international designer and trendsetter.

HKFG: What song do you sing in the shower?
SH: I join in with what ever is on the radio

HKFG: What’s your ultimate indulgence food OR go-to food when you’re stressing out?
SH: Special Fried Rice. I love rice! Even when I was pregnant, rice was the only food I craved.

HKFG: Which celebrity you would most like to be/trade places with?
SH: My mum Suki Potier who was a 60’s icon, a model, a ‘Bond’ girl and the girlfriend of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. I would love to see the world through her eyes.

HKFG: What’s your first big investment purchase?
SH: Town House in London’s Regents Park

HKFG: What you would wish for if a genie came out of a lamp to grant u 3 wishes
SH: To see my brand established and adored worldwide, good health, happiness and harmony for everyone in my family, people would just get along in this world.

HKFG: What’s your secret-weapon beauty product?
SH: La Prairie Platinum Rare cream

HKFG: What’s your worst nightmare?
SH: Bumping in to someone who you don’t want to see

HKFG: What’s the last thing you think about before going to sleep?
SH: Last thing I think about is work.

HKSG: What’s your favourite iPhone app?
SH: Cup Cake and Doughnut Maker (actually for my daughter!)

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