Monday, July 4, 2011

Main Frame

I buy picture frames all the time because I want to put them up in a large collage that will take over one entire wall of my apartment, but I haven't decided if I want them propped on shelving or just haphazardly aligned, so they never get hung. Also, I don't own a hammer or nails, nor do I know how to operate such tools. So now I just have random frames propped up all over the house. I also really have nothing to put in them, since I don't develop any photos of myself (or any photos, period) and I barely even buy magazines because I think I can steal them from other people at work.

So I guess I was pretty proud when I came up with the idea of ripping out fashion-brand ads and putting them in these classic black Ikea frames. Even though Valentino just kind of fell down. I'll fix that when I hang it, which is I guess never.

In my head, it's an art piece -- a commentary on the rampant consumerism that we fall victim to today, a satirical take on how we prize branding above art and even fashion itself. It's all in the spin. That, or it's an inspired and cheap copy of that Prada painting in Serena's mom's house on Gossip Girl.

Someone once said to me that anything can be "art" -- just take a photo of anything, blow it up REALLY big (not like, A3, but like six feet tall), give yourself a funky artist name (ie "The Geek") and you're set. If you walk around any art galleries or fairs, it's pretty much true.

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