Thursday, July 14, 2011

Semi Precious

Mention MAC and you’re likely to remember its awesome collaborations such as with Marcel Wanders, Disney, DC Comics etc. Little known fact, MAC also does skincare products. (Or maybe it’s just a little known fact for me as I tend to zoom straight into the make up area whenever I enter their stores.) It was only when I was reading through their press release and admiring their latest semi-precious collection which apparently comprises of semi-precious stones from Brazil that I noticed that not only do they have these awesome eye shadows, blushes, brushes, lippies and what not but that they have skincare products such as the mineralized charged water and face and body lotion. I haven’t had a chance to try the skincare line yet but given how I’ve always thought that MAC does very affordable makeup that is of a good quality, I’m definitely keen to check it out.

The MAC Semi-Precious line launches this Saturday at all MAC counters so be sure to stop by and see them in person. How beautiful do these palettes look next to each other? Prices range from HK$130 to HK$400

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