Friday, July 29, 2011

Door to Door

E-commerce is such a double edged sword. The convenience is undeniable and the fact that you can get cool edgy brands that are not necessarily available in Hong Kong is a plus but when I’m having bad days, it makes it sooo much easier to impulse buy. There are the big ones that everyone knows and now I’m finding so many cooler smaller ones such as Doorstep Luxury. I met the lovely founder Miranda a while back and when I saw the accessories she was wearing, I was compelled to check out the site afterwards. With a wide range of brands, the beauty of Doorstep Luxury is that it’s based in Singapore and my order arrived within 3 days. (I HATE long waits for goods as those who follow me on twitter will know when I threw a fit after a certain company failed to make good on their within 3 week delivery promise). Click through to check out the Fleet Ilya cuff I got. Also, I hear there will be a sample sale online for their S/S goods starting tonight running throughout the weekend so now’s a great time to check it out.

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