Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Occasionally when I'm surfing the net, ostensibly to find something to write about, the process devolves into shameless online shopping. A case of research turned reality, so to speak. And you think you aren't looking for something specific, because you're just collecting information, looking for inspiration... and then you go through your browser tabs and see all these floaty, sheer slippy things, in different shapes and sizes, colours and cuts. It's hot out, you can't blame a girl. And flirty-floaty things are simply perennially chic and sexy. They drape well, they hide just enough to retain your modesty but suggest too that a gust of summer breeze is all that it will take to shake things up...

I blame Pixie Market for having such good buyers. Oh, and I totally scored this Back by Ann Sofie Back asymmetric floral shirt at Bauhaus last week. And I cannot wait to wear it, I think I will hoard it like I'm Gollum and it's the stupid ring that everyone is so worked up about (haven't watched the movie or read the books, so not sure if that reference is accurate). And then I'll find some great awesome occasion to wear it, except that great awesome occasion will totally turn out to be a bust, and I'll probably drop food on myself. Story of my life. More Pixie Market goodness follows; backups if I do drop food on my shirt.

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