Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bling Bling

I never used to like diamonds all that much and always thought that crystals are the more practical choice seeing as I've had a traumatic experience of losing a black pearl diamond pendant back in 1999 and my mom is STILL harping on about it. Yet as another birthday goes by, I find myself lusting about these little sparkling gems much like a crow is attracted to blingy items. Am I getting old? Or have I fallen prey again to consumerism and marketing plots? I don't have the answer but I find that I can't quite stray my eyes away from De Beer's summer collection. What do you think dear readers? Are these worth coveting?

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  1. Covet! All of them! Definitely!
    Let us know if your coveting has been successful ;)

  2. Irene, you're a bad influence on us! Don't think I can successfully covet these as I can't afford them. But maybe some day. Hope you've been well and thanks for reading as always!