Thursday, July 21, 2011

SHOErotica: United Nude Moon Life

Talk about convertibility. United Nude's mix-and-match DIY shoe set looks like good, complicated fun -- the fashionista's version of lego, since it's always a let down after you spend eons building your Taj Mahal only to realize... gaddam, now you have a giant plastic Taj Mahal sitting on your dining table that you can't bear to take apart because it took you so long to build it in the first pace. So, in theory, you could wear this creation, even if the comfort level looks seriously iffy. In fact they look sort of look those Celine wedges that were designed by Ivana Omazic, the season she was fired and replaced by Phoebe Philo.

Images: Design Milk

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  1. Haha, IKEA would be proud!!

  2. dear jezus, I thought it was a fitness machine!!
    *then I saw the post title..*