Monday, July 4, 2011

Bag Lady: Mulberry

Did you know that it's Mulberry's 40th birthday this year? In honour of the big 4.0. the brand has recently unveiled a quirky illustration showcasing the history of Mulberry. Illustrated by Josh Gurrie, the video is fun and playful. I only wish there were more drawings of the Baywaters, Alexas, Mabels etc.

Random geektoid: the two Bag Ladies that featured Mulberry were both bags in neon pink here and here. I think this is a sign that I need to get me one.

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  1. A random luxury bag-related question (non-Mulberry related).
    How much, exactly, would you spend on a bag you loved?
    I've been wanting the classic woven-leather Bottega Veneta bag since at least my HK Magazine days -- so a decade. But I can't bring myself to buy it, because it is so ridiculously expensive. More expensive than my LV tote, more expensive than many of my name-brand clothes.
    But I'm obsessed with it. Now their new collection has it in a burnt orange, my favorite color.
    I checked online and found a fashion forum of women -- mostly working women who make their own salaries and are on budgets, not tai-tais -- discussing this.
    They were talking about it in terms of salary-days.
    The "Veneta" in orange would cost about 1.5 weeks of work.
    Is that insane to spend? Would you do it?

  2. And they only have it in the Bottega Veneta shop, not at Net-a-Porter.
    I was also thinking of trying Milan Station? I've never bought anything from them before.

  3. I think if you've loved it for that long then you should definitely get it esp since it's 'only' about 1.5 weeks of work. At least it's not half your salary right? I'm assuming since you loved it for ten years then you'll probably going to love it for another ten. Break down 1.5 weeks of salary into another 10 years, steal! (Yes I'm not a good influence!) I've heard good things about Milan Station but I'd say check out the price difference, if it's not too much then it's worth the splurge.. or tell your other half to get it to you as a present for the baby that's coming! He or she will grow up to love it AND it'll become a vintage piece hehe