Monday, July 11, 2011

San Francisco Fashion Geek: Eat It! (Pt 1)

Our Bangkok travel posts were so fun that I figured I'd do a quick round-up of eats for anyone headed to the West coast. And for some reason it seems like there's quite a few of those. When I head to the US I don't do much touristy stuff -- I go to Walmart and Target and Best Buy and the outlet malls and Safeway. And then I go eat Panda Express and Taco Bell and get really fat and happy. This time I did make a concerted effort to find some yummier places, rated by people other than the lover of fast food and calories.

So open your minds and your stomachs, and get ready for some nasty-good nom noms.

We kick off at Tartine Bakery, where giant pastries are so flaky and crispy they bring a long line to Guerrero Street on a daily basis. The banana cream pie is divinity, if a little pricey for what it is. But it gots a good crust and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Locanda was the Italian joint we hit up on Mission because the Peruvian place Limon, recommended by @2munkis, was full. Decent pastas, a lively atmosphere and fab focaccia. Pastas are super al dente, a bit too much so for me. Yes, I like my pastas Hong Kong-style soggy, not at all authentic, so SUE me. A few shops to the left (when you're facing the restaurant) is a coffee shop from which we procured a killer red velvet cake.

Franciscan's Crab Restaurant is pretty much what it sounds like. Situated by gaudy-but-sweet Fisherman's Wharf, it peddles seafood by the water in a way that's cliched but still classy. This crab fondue thing was so thick with cheese it made us sick, especially since it was Day One and our stomachs still hadn't gotten used to American portions. Oysters and clams were solid and the dungeness crab sandwich was a revelation.

We found Osha near our hotel and it was the only place that was still bumping after 9pm. Everything else was either closed or deserted. There was a table immediately though so we jumped and were pleased to find that this American-Thai cuisine was served with a side of hip. Not, like, a body part... but it was tres chic. Peking duck rolls are pretty awesome, then we shared pork belly and "angry" prawns. Both were crowd pleasing in that non-authentic way that still hits the spot.

Stay tuned for Part 2...

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