Monday, July 18, 2011

San Francisco Fashion Geek: Eat It! (Pt 2)

Continuing on ShoeGeek's San Franciscan culinary extravaganza... for part 1 click here.

Being possibly the world's only sustainable-seafood sushi restaurant makes for a lot of good press for Tataki, and while some of the fish takes getting used to -- artic char doesn't really compensate for good ol' overfished salmon, for example -- others are a revelation. Especially loved the faux-nagi (cod instead of eel, flavoured to taste bizarrely alike, in spite of differing textures and species) and the extinguisher roll, which is truly fiery right down to the flame that's delivered on the plate. The waiter also recommended the Golden Gate roll which was awesome. Anything covered in avocado is awesome in my book, and that's a lot of stuff out in Cali.

The Stinking Rose is so touristy it hurts -- every single man in there was clad in a tee or polo, shorts and sneakers with sunglasses, like the default tourist uniform in June because NOBODY REALIZES HOW FRIGGIN COLD IT IS THERE. I had to buy a swacket, so cold it was. Anyway, the Stinking Rose is so named because it's a restaurant that specializes in garlic. The Bagna Cauda is basically sauteed garlic in olive oil, and should be ordered and duly slathered on everything you eat. We had great clams and a melt-in-your-mouth short rib, as well as lots and lots and lots of rolls. Portions are gigantic, especially if you're coming from Asia, so go along with mints and expect to take home a doggie bag. PS the short rib was just as good cold.

Anthony's Cookies serves up great cookies so it's not a bad idea to stop in and hope that some of the more awesome flavours -- cookies and cream, or banana -- are on offer. The guy in front of us ordered a dozen and told us "hey, I only allow myself to do this once a month." Which is still like a cookie every other day. You do the math.
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Finally: The House of Prime Rib. Yeah, people kept telling us how SF P-rib kicked Lawry's ass. So we had to go. I mean, it was good prime rib. But why is the spinning salad-prime rib cart-spinach-yorkshire pudding combo so copyable? These two restaurants work exactly the same formula... but that's okay. Meat makes it all kind of better.

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