Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If I Had a Pony

How epic is this photo? I was but a wee young lass when Stella McCartney did her horse collection for Chloe, but I remember it to be epic; how badly did I want those wide-leg pants emblazoned with the silhouette of that equine beauty?

It was Spring 2001. Kate Moss was the girl you wanted to be, so not much has changed in that respect. I was a poor college student who stole groceries from my part-time job at the college convenience store. The pants were definitely not even in the realm of possibility of something I could own. The Zaras, Topshops and H&Ms of the world were not so blatantly ripping trends off the runway, or maybe since my town's hippest boutique was a Bob's Store (true story) there was such a thing as high-street knock-offs, I just wasn't anywhere near high street. And in a way, that made fashion great. It made it surreal and unattainable. As unreachable as owning a real pony. Half of what's so great about ponies is that you would never really have one, so I don't know if we've moved forwards or backwards. All I know is that it's 10 years later and I still think about those horse pants.


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