Friday, July 22, 2011

Carbs, a Girl's Best Friend

So this is kind of a restaurant review of Linguini Fini, except the first thing I want to rave about is not the homemade pasta (which was very yummy), the cocktails (strawberry belinis were awesome) but rather the take home media gift from the Linguini Fini blogger dinner held last week. It is an absolute brilliant idea to reinforce the message that all the pasta at this very price-friendly joint is homemade. So what is it? It’s a mini home made pasta kit! I’ve yet to make my pasta because I don’t want to use up the kit so I’m not going to talk about my amateur attempts at making pasta but rather the very enjoyable meal I had at the restaurant.

The other reason why I say it’s kind of a restaurant review is because we sampled 33 dishes and I stopped at like 12 or something. Yes I’m a wuss. I just can’t keep up with the other bloggers. So instead, I’m just going to name dishes I like and which I remembered to take pictures of with my dinky iPhone camera. Sidenote, I was out at another blogger’s gathering and mentioned I own a DSLR and there were shocked gasps all around as they had NEVER seen me carry a proper camera. What can I say? I prefer lighter handbags and don’t mind using press shots.

So onto the food. The antipastos were nice but the highlights of the meal for me were the pasta and mains. Of particular delight in the pasta category were the Chitarra (chicken liver, pancetta, sage, brown butter), Sweetbread Ravioli (pork jowl & sweetbread, porchetta “sugo di arrosto” and Spaghetti Carbonara. And yes, I know you are thinking how hard could it be to make Spaghetti Carbonara but Linguini Fini’s version is made out of charsiu flavoured spaghetti replacing the bacon bits and it goes together very well. In terms of mains, I loved all the ones I tried; the Rotisserie Porchetta, Cast Iron Charred Hanger Steak and Lardo Roasted Chicken but the steak was definitely my favourite. I also had a tiny bite of the tiramisu which was very nicely done as well. Far too many strawberry belinis (made of fresh strawberry!) later and a very stuffed stomach, we waddled out of the restaurant but you can be sure that I shall be back to try all the other dishes that I missed out on.

1/F, The L Place,
139 Queen’s Road,
Central, Hong Kong.
T: 2857 1333
F: 2857 1332

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