Friday, June 11, 2010

Larger than Life

We normally try not to bring too many day job references to Hong Kong Fashion Geek but one of my clients is doing a promotion next Tuesday that I simply must tell you about. Wasabisabi, of Aqua Restaurant Group where I took ShoeGeek for a tasting a few months back, is serving up Hong Kong’s largest bottle of sake. Just how big is this bottle of sake? Well, let’s put it this way. They need to have a crane-like cradle to help pour the drink as the bottle is so heavy. (For those wondering, the bottle in the images is empty.) This 18-litre bottle of sake is the group’s largest personally labeled bottle of sake in Hong Kong and made by Taiko Sake in Nagahama, Japan which has a history traced back to the Samurai period and has been a family business since 1672.

Come June 15 at 7:30pm, patrons at Wasabisabi will be able to experience this Sake Samurai Tasting Dinner with not just this bottle of daiginjo sake but also a range of other sakes from Taiko Sakes. Check out the menu after the cut.

Sake Samurai Tasting Menu
Tuesday 15th June
$500 + 10% per person

Minced fatty tuna with avocado
Botan prawn with cod roe mayo
Fresh smoked salmon with onion sauce
(Sake matching - Taiko Kurokabe)

Appetizer platter
Goose liver hot mousse with Japanese black vinegar
Steamed crab egg custard with wasabi air
Japanese style tomato and mozzarella salad
(Sake Matching – Tokubestu Junmai)

Mikan mandarin sorbet

Baked pomfret with mushroom and french beans
garlic soy oil
(Sake Matching – Taiko Daiginjo)

Soft braised Japanese pork loin in fish stock
and sansho miso
(Sake Matching – Taiko Regular Sake)

Shiratama dango rice cake with yuzu and sweet soy sauce
(Chef Iwahashi’s handmade plum wine)

For reservations please call (852) 2506 0009 or email

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