Thursday, June 24, 2010


I’ve never been a fan of whipped cream. It probably comes from being slightly lactose-intolerant so the queasy feeling I get after eating whipped cream does not endear it to me. However, back in college, I’d have friends who inhaled the stuff and would spray whipped cream directly into their mouths all the time. I’ve always thought the waffles we made were the side dish to the whipped cream and I can only imagine the delight of those same friends when I tell them about Whipped Lighting, alcohol-infused whipped cream. Taking it up to the next level, these Whipahols are grain-alcohol-infused products with flavours like White Chocolate Raspberry Whipahol, Spiced Vanilla Whipahol, Cinnamon Whipahol and Amaretto Whipahol. Oddly enough, they are labeled as alcoholic beverages and not food products. I guess enough people spray whipped cream directly into their mouths to justify this as being the next it drink? Currently only available in the US but I’m sure if you are desperate, you will find a way. US$10 a can. Check out the different flavours after the cut.

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