Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a Mall World After All

If you know me in person, then my addiction to facebook and iphone games shouldn't be news. They don't call us Geeks for nuttin'. But... a game that combines addictive online play with addictive materialistic joy... I mean, it's a recipe for disaster. Don't expect me to get any work done, ever again. I'll be covertly stocking up my shop in Facebook's Mall World with the Miu Miu clogs I was unable to get this weekend because they are sold out... The Dior saddle, the green McQueen Elvie, the Balenciaga Holiday and the killer Proenza outfit that would look so much better on the cyber version of ShoeGeek than on Kristen Stewart.

Thanks to my favourite SocialGeek Michelle for screenshots of her shop. Your demi shorts are now sold out though!

Product images: Net-a-porter, Buy Design Online, Neiman Marcus, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Purse Blog.

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