Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Polly Wanna Cracker?

Last night, after pigging out on Hot Pockets and microwave deep-dish pizza (from city'super -- try it, it's good and only $40 for two personal pizzas if I am correct) I thought I was really full, and then I got bored and changed my phone wallpaper to an archive shot of cupcakes in different colours and flavours. Lo and behold, after looking at it for too long we crawled out of bed to make a snack of apple jacks and cornflakes in a generous bath of skim milk.

The reason I'm recounting this tale is because this necklace from Garnett Jewellery, as much as I like it, will undoubtedly only succeed in making me fatter. It's already making me hungry.

On a slightly non-sequitur note, Ritz crackers always remind me of Harrison Ford in Regarding Henry, painting boxes of Ritz crackers after he loses his memory, while he struggles to recount stolen encounters with his mistress in the Ritz Carlton. Oh you old dog.

EDIT: Did I just post a Ritz cracker necklace without realizing that FashionGeek just posted a potato chip necklace? How cosmically apt!

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