Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chit Chat

The new Singaporean restaurant in World Trade Centre, Hainan Shaoye, probably needs no more introduction than to say its chefs hail from the Mandarin's Chatterbox. After a management dispute left the executive chef and chef de cuisine unhappy to stay on at their home establishment, the boys of the Drawing Room snapped them up and brought them to Hong Kong to helm this new Causeway Bay cafe.

Besides the legendary Chatterbox Hainan chicken rice (undoubtedly the Merlion's favourite nosh), they also serve bak kut teh, grilled stingray (love), Singaporean turnip cake, lobster laksa and more. I tried out the chicken rice and promise it lives up to the name, at least in the sense that all other Hainan chicken rices in Hong Kong -- for lack of better term -- suck. I never understood why; always assumed we raised inferior poultry. But these boys show the 852 how it's done. Anyway, I'll be back for the stingray and bak kut teh. More photos under the cut.

To be clear, the price point is quite friendly (HK$88 for the chicken rice set shown or HK$158 for a set dinner), in case anyone became daunted by that mention of Drawing Room. Hainan Shaoye is located at Shop P311 World Trade Centre, Causeway Bay.

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  1. Can't wait .......... !!!

  2. i just went there for lunch. being a singaporean, i have to say they have got it. 100% to be precise. i am so going back there again.

  3. I find the grand cafe at grand hyatt is far better.