Friday, June 11, 2010

CFDA: Love It or Leave It

This year's CFDA Awards was all about the SJP for McQueen tribute. I can't even recall who won anything else, although I do know a bunch of Asians did take home prizes. For some reason, the clothing didn't excite me as much as it did last year, but I think that might be down to having less interesting guests. But on to the roll call...

May I just note how proud I feel that two of my Top 10 LBDs from New York Fashion Week made appearances? Model Stella Tennant looks just the right amount of anorexic in the Reed Krakoff gown and Danielle Steel's daughter Victoria Traina is naughty and nice in Proenza.

I've never been a huge fan of Carmen Kass, even though she sort of looks a bit like one of my favourites, Flavia de Oliveira, who has sadly been missing from the runway for several seasons now. Good ol' Carmen is working it, but if you see close-ups (which I won't include here) you'll know that she has some major exposed vertebrae, it's kind of scary, girlfriend needs to get her some burger.

NEVER got the fascination with Doutzen. I want to pinch those puffy cheeks. she's a pretty enough girl, but every time I see her on the red carpet I think "she should sooo not be wearing that" and then I think "but I thought models look good in everything" and then I think "well clearly not" and then I think "well then why is she a model?" and then I remember Photoshop and then I realize that I don't actually care that much and go back to be default state of mind, which is thinking about burgers and the like.

This being a fashion do, there were plenty of well-dressed chaps on the red carpet. But since most of them are openly gay, the competition for Smoldering Hot Guy went to Chuck Bass. Come on, he's CHUCK BASS. Plus, Eric Northman wasn't there.

How hot is Rachel Roy that she looks better in her own design than her model pal Hilary Rhoda?

Loooove Irina Lazretotsueu's Phillip Lim get-up. That's not her last name at all but I can't be bothered to look it up.

Liya Kebede with the Proenza boys. Hate them and their hateful, lust-inducing, feverishly hot clothes and bags and shoes that make me want to sell my house and use the proceeds to buy a giant PS1 to live in.

In the same way as Rachel Roy, nobody looks better in Vera Wang than Vera herself. When I grow up I want to be as quietly chic as her. But with bigger boobs.

Joan Smalls (who?) with Monique Pean (who?). Jewellery by Monique Pean (again... who?) Dress by... WHO? Somebody find out and let me know, this is le hotness.

And just to finish off, a little Dree, because nobody is cooler than Dree. Not even Chuck Bass.


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  1. Joan Smalls is an amazing model - she does the Givenchy campaign and has 2 pages in this months' American Vogue - where they have proclaimed her the "It Girl" of the moment. She's originally from PR. Monique is a really successful fine jewelry designer also well loved by Vogue...she does a whole eco-friendly thing with exotic materials like fossilized Wolly Mammoth ivory that she excavates from glaciers or something...she's all about using cool materials that don't harm animals or the environment. Ditto for the diamonds she uses - they are "conflict" and "devastation" free. She won a CFDA award last year for her jewelry and just had a collaboration wit the Gap.