Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Geek Spy: iClothing

Because I'm really increasingly believing that the iPad is replacing the Amex in the "don't leave home without it" manner, it somehow makes total sense that I'd want to slip it in my pocket... Not to mention the fact that these are, iPad-portability notwithstanding, actually decent looking garments in and of their own. If you're thinking "Wait, if you have an iPad in front of your crotch, how are you going to sit down?" -- then you've completely missed the point of having an iPad, which is that it should be the main focus of your attention any time you are sitting down. Zombies wait for nobody, okay? I'd feel nerdy about sharing that with you all, except that a) you all already know I'm a total Geek, and b) this chica on the website is totally choosing the iPad over nookie with the sorta hot dude in the back, so I know I'm not alone in my iPadlove.

Get the iTee and iDress from iClothing.

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