Monday, June 14, 2010

The Right Stuffs

My laptop charger has died rendering me completely useless at home. So this will have to be a sneaky quick one as I'm meant to be working in the office and also have to tend to my Restaurant City establishment, Mall World shop and watch the live stream of Game Five (end 3rd quarter, Boston up 10, woohoo!)

Instead of bringing you interesting information and new designer finds or happening and hip restaurants (all of which I have planned in abundance) you get an image dump of stuffs I like right now. Because adding an "s" to things that aren't supposed to be plural is funnies. In the same way as removing the suffixed "s" from things that don't really need them is cool. Like... I like the new Alex Wang resort short.

I like this twisted Thakoon trench more than any of the Burberry ones.

I like slouchy jumpsuits, I hate the fact that when you go pee in public bathrooms you have to be completely topless to do it. Brrrrr!

I like restaurants that give you crayons, allow dogs and serve french toast for $45 with easy-to-find street parking nearby. I also like drawing pictures of my dog.

I like it when we post about things like coffee table books with luscious photos of to-die-for merchandise made of the tastiest treats... and I like it even more when we get the real thing. FYI, "Taste Matters", the photo exhibit, will be hosted by Hongkong Land from July 5 at the bridges that connect all those Central buildings like Landmark, Alexandra House et al.

I like eating carbs with carbs. Noodles and rice is one thing, but also: pasta with pizza, french fry sandwiches and french toast with hash browns. Don't knock it till you've tried it. And if you try it and don't like it... I'll finish it for you.

I like when you go to the art fair and the art looks exactly like the HK$69.90 trash can I bought from Pricerite two months ago. And while we're at it, it also looks identical to the HK$199 trash can I bought from Ikea and then promptly returned two hours later when I found the Pricerite one.

Alright, back to proofreading. Boston is now 12 up and Kobe is at the free throw line with less than three on the clock. Dream on, LA fans.

Images: and... my iPhone.

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  1. this is an amazing ensemble!


  2. I love the way she turned a trech !!