Monday, June 21, 2010

Bag Lady: L.A.M.B. Camberley Surrey Clutch

I'm not normally a fan of clutches... I'm one of those girls that lug around a suitcase on her shoulder (And yes, it's all stuff I need, I don't get how that happens.) But, doesn't this look pretty? And soft? And maybe I could put it inside my bag to use as some sort of pouch? Get it at Shopbop.

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  1. Yes that looks brilliant! May I also post a question here please? I'm seriously lusting after the Donna Karan Double Zip Messenger Bag and have only located it online at .... but I know they're already having a sale that hasn't opened to international users yet. I didn't want to buy it online and then it gets marked down a week later. Is there anywhere in HK that sells this please?

  2. I assume you've been to the Donna Karan stores? And have you checked Net a Porter again? I just checked and it's almost half off right now..

  3. yippee! that only just happened. i've been checking every day for that. i very nearly bought it full price over the weekend. thanks so much