Thursday, June 10, 2010

Street Style

Which would you choose if you had to select six streets from Hong Kong to highlight? The Hongkong Post has selected snapshots of Pottinger Street ($1.40), Nathan Road ($1.40), Hollywood Road ($2.40), Temple Street ($2.40), Stanley Market ($3.00) and Des Voeux Road West ($3.00) to represent characteristics streets in the SAR. To be issued on June 24, you can now pre-order the goods including mint stamps, stamp sheets, presentation packs, souvenir sheets, postage prepaid picture cards, 3-D Street Scene dioramas, and phone strap and key chain gift set.

I think these stamps would be rather cool as pendants, similar to what Vivienne Westwood did. Anyway, what’s so special about each of the streets? Find out after the cut.

Pottinger Street ($1.40) – The street was originally built from Queen's Road Central up to Hollywood Road. Because of its steep slope, the street was paved entirely with stone slabs, forming steps in an undulating pattern to make it easy for people to go up and down and to drain away stormwater. It is hence also called "Stone Slab Street".

Nathan Road ($1.40) – Stretching from Tsim Sha Tsui in the south all the way up to Boundary Street in Mong Kok, Nathan Road is one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong. It runs through the hustling and bustling Yau Tsim Mong District, lit up like a kaleidoscope by neon signs of shops, hotels, shopping arcades and restaurants along the way.

Hollywood Road ($2.40) – Alias "Antique Street", Hollywood Road is lined with antique shops that lend an air of nostalgic elegance. In this treasure trove for antique lovers, a wide range of thrilling items covering ceramics and jade, silk and embroidery, blackwood furniture, paintings and calligraphy are waiting for discerning buyers.

Temple Street ($2.40) – For a real taste of Hong Kong culture, there is no better place than Temple Street, the street named after Tin Hau Temple in Yau Ma Tei. Dubbed "People’s Night Market" for its all-time bargains, Temple Street comes alive when the city lights up at dusk. Flocks of visitors linger around open-air stalls offering inexpensive goods, local culinary delights or fortune-telling, and they also enjoy performances of Chinese opera.

Des Voeux Road West ($3) – Our famous "Dried Seafood Street", Des Voeux Road West is a traditional marketplace for ginseng products and herbs as well as dried seafood. Clustered with shops selling products such as dried abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin and fish maw as well as Chinese herbal medicines and tonics, the street swarms with locals and visitors shopping for festive goodies when the Lunar New Year is drawing near.

Stanley Market ($3) – Encompassing Stanley New Street, Stanley Market Road and Stanley Main Street, Stanley Market is a popular tourist attraction in Southern District on Hong Kong Island. Apart from an interesting array of shops and stalls selling clothing and accessories, Chinese paintings and calligraphy, handicrafts and local souvenirs, the place is dotted with bars and restaurants offering a fine selection of world cuisines, making it an ideal choice for leisure travel.

Visit the Hongkong Post’s website for more information.

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