Friday, June 25, 2010


I don’t know if it’s the Hong Kong love of all things Japanese or if mochi is really that popular but I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t like mochi, the short grain glutinous white rice treat. Maybe Nobu at the InterContinental Hong Kong feels the same way as they will host a special Nobu dessert cooking class on July 24th for a demonstration on how to make mochi amongst other signature desserts. Open to only eight people, the programme starts at 10:30am where participants will enjoy a light breakfast as they learn about the Nobu concept. Following breakfast, you will learn mochi cooking techniques along some signature dessert creations. Of course, then there will be a hands-on session to try your hand at making these delectable bites. After all that hard work, you’ll be able to enjoy a special four-course omakase lunch served with unlimited Nobu sake.

Inclusive in the class:
• A NOBU kit with the cooking class menu and recipes and a NOBU apron.
• Fresh bakery items with coffee/tea for breakfast.
• Unlimited NOBU Sake, served during the lunch.
• Special NOBU Omakase lunch with showcasing the desserts from the class.

Showcased desserts will include:
• Warabi Mochi - A variation of the traditional Japanese Mochi paste, covered with yellow bean (Kinako) powder
• Mochi with red beans or yellow bean paste - Another variation of Mochi, stuffed with the different bean pastes
• Yuzu jam - A tasty Jam made with the Japanese citrus fruit “yuzu”. The jam can be used to fill Mochi for a contemporary variation.
• ‘Goma E’ - Japanese “petit fours” made with white chocolate, Goma (black sesame) paste & cocoa nibs

Price : HK$788 + 10% service charge per person.
Number of Participants : Maximum 8 persons.

To reserve a place, contact the Restaurant Reservations Hot Line at tel: (852) 2313-2323 or e-mail:

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  1. Even I'm not Japanese, but I love Mochi. It really satisfied my sweet cravings, especially when I add mochi as toppings on my ice cream. Yummy!!