Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ode to Lane Crawford

You’ve got to hand it to fashion kingdom Lane Crawford. About a decade ago, I still associated this brand with aunties and middle-aged women’s fashion and now it’s pretty much porn to ShoeGeek and I. (And yes, the thought of us having aged ten years being a factor did occur to me but I still think it’s more the brand transforming its appeal to a much younger demographic.) Much of the revitalization of the brand has to be attributed to Jennifer Woo and what I love about this brand is that it’s willing to get creative. From asking Tommy Ton, blogger of Jak and Jil , to shoot their Spring 2009 campaign to this latest approach to get the attention of journalists.

But let’s rewind to give you a bit of background. Back in the day when I was an editor for the magazine, I was inundated with press kits. Folders and folders of paper, CDs and the occasional USB would make its way to my desk on a daily basis. And I’m not afraid to say that I rarely opened any of them. Sure I would take the USB and use it but I wouldn’t even bother opening the files. (Now that I’m on the other side of the spectrum, being in PR, the thought of sending media these kits drive me to despair as I wonder who would actually read them.) So when I received the mini projector pictured above from Lane Crawford, I was intrigued. What it contained was their look book and a video presentation saved on an SD card. All I needed to do was set up the projector and et voila I was looking at the press kit. Not only did I eagerly set it up (I am a Geek after all) but now here I am writing several hundred words praising the brand.

Well played Lane Crawford. Very well played.

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