Friday, June 25, 2010

Short Story

This feels like a "less words, more pictures" kind of Friday... Shorts. Lots of them. Like, a long list of short shorts, all available online. God, it was so easy to find all these shorts, why is it that my own closet seems to be filled with boring classics like denim cut-offs, black and navy specimens and boring J. Crew-type things? Need me those leather shorts, those fringed shorts, those... well just give me all of them. I'm greedy.

Above: Leather shorts and tiered shorts from Shop Cuffs.
Below: Yumi Kim floral skort from Gizzy & Nacho; Pret-a-Surf floral bloomers, Alexander Wang apron shorts, Dallin Chase shorts, Blue Life lace bicycle shorts from Shopbop; fringe shorts, butterfly-print shorts, polka dot shorts from ASOS.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting these. They are all very cute. Except for the lace ones, which I think are hideous in an American Apparel lyrca-bodysuit kind of way. But each to her own.
    I wish I had the legs -- and the workplace -- that would justify my wearing floral hotpants around.