Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top of the Globe

Probably a little belated, but top five looks from the Golden Globes. Starting with Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci Premiere, because I love her and she can do no wrong, and especially not in THAT. So maybe she killed a peacock to get the dress. I'm not judging. I'm not a huge Gucci girl, so the fact that she makes me like the brand says something about star quality.

I feel like nobody was super-wowed by Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci but I loved it; so simple and classic and girly but with that loony Rooney edge. Because when you have a face like that, I honestly believe you should do as little as possible, fashion-wise, to detract from that. That's why I wear all manner of prints and accessories, because my face is not like that. Sad face.

Charlize in Dior Couture, another brand alignment that works perfectly. So pretty and pink and the folds sort of remind me of crab rangoon or some other fluffed up crispy wonton concoction, which is not a negative in my book.

THIS GIRL IS SO "IT" RIGHT NOW IT MAKES ME SICK. I wish she'd go back to blonde but red is now her thing I guess. That dress with that belt and those shoes, they put the "it" in "that shIT is so hot."

People are weird about Tilda Swinton, like, normal people don't like her. And fashion people looove her, but partly because she's really cool, partly because they're supposed to like her -- it demonstrates good street cred. I like her lots, mostly because of her haircuts and her fascination with Haider Ackermann, whom I luuurve, but also because she wears whatever she damn wants, EVEN IF IT LOOKS BAD ON HER. The ultimate supposed fashion pioneer is ironically the ultimate slave to fashion. I mean, here. She looks bad. That hair is trying to run off her head. The shoes are pretty fail. But that baby blue! And Haider! And she's Tilda-fucking-Swinton! So... ergo... it's fab!

Images: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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