Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tissue for your Issue?

So, the first time someone said "A tissue for your issue?" (and offered me a Kleenex) I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. I kept repeating it and people thought I was crazy/stupid. And they told me the person I heard it from must also be crazy/stupid (hi Brad!)

Anyway, clearly there's a reason for this anecdote, and it's because at work I received from Benefit Cosmetics a little CNY gift bag with a blush, some lai see packets and a box of tissues. And I being crazy/stupid, got most excited about the box of tissues, which comes emblazoned with instructions on where and how to use them -- to ditch your gum, blot your lipstick, wipe your tears and (my personal favourite) stuff your bra. My favourite "issue," though, is for blotting my oily face. Yeah I'm SEXAY like that, don't you know it. I'll let you guys know how the blush is once I get around to using it!

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  1. I love Benefits' branding and design - completely tongue in cheek and feminine!



  2. This is amazing. Keep posting dude !