Monday, January 16, 2012

SHOErotica: Fendi heels

I got these over a year ago at the Fendi friends and family sale for the whopping low price of $800 (Fendi sales are generally pretty good, wide selection and reasonable lines to pay since they're usually all the way out in Quarry Bay.) Since I packed for wedding #3 in Bangkok really late, I didn't realize there was a dress code (blue or silver) and the only thing I owned was a maxi dress that was way too long. Cue super-high heels (that don't really match the maxi but you can't see them anyway.) It was unfortunate that I found out shortly before the wedding was due to start, that it was to be a standing wedding! Bride's fortune teller said that she could only have eight tables total in the ballroom, even though something like 400 people showed up.

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1 comment:

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