Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taylor Time

Fashion bloggers dream about the meet and greet with street-style stars like Taylor Tomasi Hill, so when the Geeks got invited to Lane Crawford's dinner with the accessories director for US Marie Claire, we were understandably thrilled. I'm way past the point where I imagine that me and XX celebrity will become best friends by the end of a chance encounter, so all I was hoping for was the chance to ogle her footwear, shake her hand and finally try out Heirloom Cafe, where the event was being held. (When I met Dries van Noten, and was unexpectedly thrust into a one-on-one conversation for a good ten minutes, we did finally resort to talking about the weather. Sad.)

As you can tell by the photos, and the video I posted yesterday, we got to do more than shake her hand -- I got to blow her up from my seat three or four people away; we got to take impromptu street-style photography lessons from her ("We're walking, we're walking, we're not looking at the camera, we're cool..."); we got complimented on our unplanned coordination of green outfits; Tina got to wear one of the skirts she designed for Lane Crawford. We also got to eat s'mores and tacos, meet some of the bloggers from China, and right before dinner at 208 grabbing a drink with Virginia and Superwowomg Denise, a random dude asked me where my shoes were from. Not creepy at all.

Check out her collection for Lane Crawford, in stores now!

They asked us to write or draw what we love about Spring/Summer... here's what Denise and Virginia want.

I love sandals, of course...

I said to LC PR Cher that the backdrop thingie reminded me of the LC store in IFC, to which she replied, "You know our store too well..." UH YEAH OF COURSE.

Denise H loves smores.

Taylor loves her own collection, haha.

Tina loves shoes, too! Or maybe that's all we know how to draw...

Brogger group shot!

The skirt. Fab skirt, although I hear sitting down takes you from "flashy" to "flasher"!

While we were upstairs taking photos of ourselves, everyone went downstairs to take photos with Taylor. This is the excellent "about to jump" jump shot. Good work, iPhone cam!

Denise's oh-so-studly jacket from Electricsekki.

"Which way should I cab?"

So many accessories including V's new McQueen skull ring which I bought her for her birthday, or rather which she bought for herself and I will be reimbursing her for.

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