Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Angus Angst

Happy new year everyone... it's weird to blog again after such a long break. I feel like Uma Thurman after she woke up from that coma in Kill Bill. "Wiggle your big toe." "Write an interesting blog post."

I usually work well under pressure, but now all I want to do is lie in bed and watch Kill Bill. How did everyone's holidays go? Mine started out somewhat more active than it ended, and it ended mostly with lying in bed eating chocolates while watching TV. A few things I did learn that are worth sharing:

- Laura and Caryn both strongly vetoed this Insight jacket that's super chunky and unflattering, but it's so soft and warm and big and was only $150 at the Electricsekki sample sale, so I bought it. And what I learned from this experience is that you have to go with your gut. I feel the same way about Uggs. And when I wore both of them together, it was the most comfortable and happiest outfit day ever.

- Zara is on sale now. Lots of sizes are already gone; changing-room lines were murder. Solution: Zara has lenient return policy. Just buy whatever you want and return everything that you don't like. Includes sale merch, which I didn't know until last week.

- The nicest way to re-gift chocolates: Instead of straight-up passing on chocs you receive, if you get choco-thins, melt them down and use them in truffle recipes, then re-package in nice boxes. You can eat some yourself, too.

- Most of the restaurants in Sanlitun are now open. The area has been rebranded as "Brim 28", whatever the hell that means. There's a Greek restaurant, a pub along the lines of Innside Out called Hop House, the brats-and-beer joint Frites, a steakhouse called Angus and a pasta place named Tinello. Oh, and a Pacific Coffee. The lunch set menus from Angus and Tinello were identical, or identically crap. Steak was inedible. As in, chewed a few times, yum, great, spit it out. Kind of sad. But Frites is still good.

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